Skinny John

Let me introduce Skinny John who wore skinny jeans. He loved basketball and he loved to sing. Skinny John had a problem he needed to solve because his friends only supported basketball. One day John’s friends invited him out to the court.

“Not today guys, I’m going to sing.” They all stared at him for a second and then gave their retorts,“Man that’s lame” “that’s gay”, “that’s weird”, “that’s strange.”

Things became more difficult when John joined the high school choir. At this point things became dire. He was ridiculed so bad and became so discouraged. Mostly he was mad at himself because he didn’t have the courage to follow his heart and do what he was driven to do. So he gave up basketball and music to focus on school.


Now John didn’t get to college on a scholarship, in fact he barely got in (thank God for His help). John didn’t even do well in college until he got a second chance. He met a new set of friends and they started a band. That freaking John…..he sure could sing; now he’s wearing skinny jeans and living the dream. We ain’t mad at you Skinny John, go do your skinny thing. Keep blazing the trails, igniting passions with your voice as your story lives on… pushing us to make choices that challenge who we are and who we aspire to be and creating within us the audacity to dream.

Persistent passion breeds positive results so keep pushing through and maybe one day…’ll be like John too.

Kelvin Willingham (2016)

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