The Dreadmore Saga Unveiled

The land of Eerea, plagued with a series of overwhelming events, lays ravaged and enveloped in the shadow of darkness after a devastating war left millions dead. The year is 1022 Fourth Era, the 254th sun of Sathram’s Dawn. It is a time after the rule of dragons and the defeat of evil kings….a sense of peace embraces the lands. Romulus, the official historian in the capital city of Skystead, opens the novel with a letter admitting his fears and anticipation of things to come.

Requiem of the Forgotten, written by A.A. Walker, is the first installment in The Dreadmore Saga.

The tone of the story is ominous and dark as there is looming suspicion among key characters and blissful obliviousness among the citizens of the island of Balmora. The Magelentic Council composed of Primes, representing the 12 major cities of Balmora, attempt to rule the lands. The Councils begins to fear the centuries old, clandestine factions thought to be destroyed during the war.


Three teenagers are drafted by the council to investigate and uncover an item that could secure the future of the lands. As their journey begins, corruption, feuding, and the threat of war unveil legions of mages, hordes of giants, and a pantheon of the undead who desire to rid Balmora of all of its inhabitants.

Be enveloped with creature and races of all kind as Rygar, Taliea, and Valentus journey to become Balmora’s salvation….. or its destruction.

In this energetically plotted series opener, Walker balances a large cast in numerous locations (and many classic dungeon crawls) across Balmora.

Walker also keeps fantasy fans tuned in with a barrage of inventive characters (such as Ecrin the Gorchen), creatures (the batlike Raza), and villains (the merciless Vorkalth).       —Kirkus Review

This book is phenomenal and I just can’t get enough of how vivid the writing is! I absolutely love the fact that I can close my eyes, listen to the words and feel like I’m actually there living out the story! This book is great all the way around and I must give it 5 stars. I wish I could give it a higher rating because I love it so much! —Centinio B

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