Fantasy Fiction Author Makes Epic Debut

American author, A.A. Walker, is the next great creator of epic fantasy fiction. A methodical genius and mad-scientist of imagery, Walker weaves worlds, past, present, and future. His ability to pull the reader into the realms he imagines is undeniable.

His new novel, The Dreadmore Saga, leaves readers spellbound and captivated as cinematic events unfold in the world of Eerea. Requiem of the Forgotten, the first installment of The Dreadmore Saga , is available on AudibleAmazonBarnes & Noble, and Books A Million. It’s counterpart, Into the Fray, is set to release in 2019.

After reading Requiem of the Forgotten and listening to the audio book, it is evident that Walker is immensely detailed in his creations and enthusiastically fantastic in his descriptions.

Reading an A.A. Walker novel is like exploring the depths of the universe; it will make you want to dive into the worlds he imagines. Walker is a passionate Historian who develops glossaries, maps, artifacts, and historic records to further submerge the reader into his glorious mystic-madness. If you love fantasy fiction, epic stories, exploring new worlds, or just enjoy a good book, pick up a copy of The Dreadmore Saga: Requiem of the forgotten. Be sure to check out the article, “The Dreadmore Saga Unveiled.”

Become a Walker fanatic and follow author, blogger, creator, historian, and philosopher, A.A. Walker.

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