I’m Not Afraid of A Woman

To my grandmothers, mothers, aunts, sisters, and daughters…. Many of you have experienced discrimination and abuse in this society, in your communities, and even in your homes. It has been indicated that you are subservient and less than a man. Less important and less valued in the eyesight of God and society. But that is incorrect. … Continue reading I’m Not Afraid of A Woman


They say that the south is a place of capacious hospitality; that it is a place of plentiful generosity and kindness. For a young black slave in the 1800s, the south was anything but. For me and those like me, it was a perpetual hell; a terrene full of persecution and violence………..It was a nightmare. … Continue reading Shackled

New Epic Fantasy Novel: The Dreadmore Saga

A new epic fantasy fiction written by American Author, A.A. Walker. This book is sure to become a best seller! Requiem of the Forgotten by A.A. Walker is the first installment in The Dreadmore Saga. Available now at Amazon.com, Audible.com, Barnes & Nobles, and Books-A-Million.  

Fantasy Fiction Author Makes Epic Debut

American author, A.A. Walker, is the next great creator of epic fantasy fiction. A methodical genius and mad-scientist of imagery, Walker weaves worlds, past, present, and future. His ability to pull the reader into the realms he imagines is undeniable. His new novel, The Dreadmore Saga, leaves readers spellbound and captivated as cinematic events unfold in … Continue reading Fantasy Fiction Author Makes Epic Debut